Exports - Commodities
Uranium ore, livestock, cowpeas, onions.

Exports - Partners
Nigeria 68.3%, US 12.2%, Ghana 9.8% (2010)

Imports - Commodities
Foodstuffs, machinery, vehicles and parts, petroleum, cereals.

Imports - Partners
China 17.8%, France 16.5%, French Polynesia 7.2%, Nigeria 6.7%, Algeria 5.3%, Cote dIvoire 4.9% (2010)

Hank The Turtle

Is Niger a independent country or a dependent country?
Vicky- I think Niger, in my opinion, is a dependent country as in the map as showed, it has a lot of export partners. Also, Niger is over populated and needs more supplies to feed and for the people to use. I think they trade their spices for other products or money, as Niger is also very short on money. But it is also can be very independent as Niger has a lot of spices and natural herbs to cook with and make food.
Laislee- I think it is a dependant country because it depens on many other countries. I think this because they don't have alot of sources.
Sofi- For my opinion, I think Niger is a dependent country as they depend on other countries to give their country some money. They are dependent as the country is over- populated and has a shortage of money. To get money from other countries, they transport spices to Nigeria, the US and Ghana, but sadly it is not enough money to help the people who are in need of money.