What is happening in Indonesia?

Police name suspect in Black Berry stampede:

In Jakarta, there was a stampede during a Black Berry mobile phone launch on Friday. There was only one suspect, but there could be more because the police are still developing the case.

Govt to pay treatment expenses of collapsed bridge victims

A bridge called Kutai Kartanegara, collapsed. Four people killed and 43 others injured, and 33 remaining missing.


Katy Perry fans queuing from11 p.m. on Saturday to get tickets on Sunday

Katy Perry fans waiting at 11PM, on Saturday while the concert was on Sunday. Dozens of people were injured buy the push and shoving from the Que.


Are there any Terrorist threats in Indonesia?

According to this map below, Indonesia does not have any terrorist threats.


I think Indonesia is a very betiful place, and some of the sites are just mind blowing. The Indonesian crime rate is low, but there can be some bombs from time to time. I think the biggest problem that Indonesian has is the RUBBISH, i think that it just spoils the beutiful sites and beaches. Indonesia is coming more and more developed (to me) , as you can see above, the music industry is becoming begar and the jobs are getting better.

Indonesia can be a natural place, but can also have citys like Jakarta, so it has a mixture. But as i said earlier the rubbish and polution is getting worst each year! So I think they should work on that. The safety i think is average and the police force are strong, but i think some places should be more civized.

I think indonesia is a very good place to live in. But the biggest problem is that there are lots of trffic jams. And also lots of people got Car/Motorbike accidents.