The King and Queen of Norway Talk about the Norway Massacre

Queen Sonja and King Harald have expressed their feelings about the tragedy on July 22nd to the people of Norway.
”It was a big shock. I also almost felt angry,” Queen Sonja says. This is the first time that the Queen has spoken to the crowd about this.

At the time of the tragedy, The King and the Queen were at their daughter, Martha Louise,’s cottage.

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Norway Disapproves of the Violence Against Protesters in Egypt

At least 20 people were reported to have been killed and several hundreds injured in Cairo since Saturday. There have been a lot of problems between the protesters and the security forces in cairo.

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Figure Skating Queen Stars Again

The famous Norwegian figure skater, Sonja Henie, who died in 1969 is now the main character in a movie.
"We need a drama series about Sonja Henie’s life," actress and writer Anna Bache-Wiig. "It’s an incredible story."

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Would we Like to Live in Norway?

Victoria: Even though there are a lot of downs about Norway, there are more positive things and overall I would like to live in Norway. I think it is a very developed country. Also, I read that the whole world wants to be like Norway.
Laislee: I think Norway is a well developed country. Even though there has been alot of tragedies, its still a very safe place. I would like to live there because they are well educated and rich in food.
Sofi: Norway is a developed country as the economy and businesses are really productive. Norway is one of the most successful countries in the world. there have been some major situations in Norway, but it is a safe country to live in.