What it's like in Australia?

Wife jailed after murder plot goes wrong

WOMAN who planned with her lover to kill her multi-millionaire husband is found guilty of "gross betrayal of trust".

Eeek! We could run out of mobile numbers soon
AUSTRALIA'S at risk of running out of 04 mobile phone numbers by 2017 thanks to phone-obsessed consumers.

Student found guilty of midnight honour killing
A SYDNEY student murdered his mother's lover with a hammer after her affair became public knowledge.

Travel SummaryThere is a general threat from terrorism in Australia.
Over 664,000 British nationals visit Australia every year
Take extra health precautions if travelling in the Northern Territory, parts of Western Australia, parts of South Australia and parts of Queensland.
Australia is prone to seasonal natural disasters including tropical cyclones, flash flooding, dust storms and bushfires (forest fires). The Cyclone Season normally runs from November to April. Travellers in affected areas should keep up-to-date.
On 23 November 2011 a bushfire in the Margaret River tourist region of Western Australia destroyed at least 20 homes and caused many people to move to an evacuation centre
You should be aware that robberies, burglaries, and auto theft are common in Australia’s larger cities.
Weapons are increasingly used in such crimes, which also may be associated with drug trafficking and usage. Foreign visitors are targets for pickpockets,purse-snatchers, and petty thieves. Please be careful when drinking with unfamiliar people or travelers, as drink spiking sometimes occurs.
Australia is a highly developed, stable democracy with a federal-state system. Tourist facilities are widely available.
You can’t assume your insurance will go with you when you travel. It’s very important to find out BEFORE you leave. You need to ask your insurance company two questions:

  • Does my policy apply when I’m out of the United States?
  • Will it cover emergencies like a trip to a foreign hospital or an evacuation?

Chloe 7a: I would like to live in this country because it is very clean and highly developed country with stable democracy and a federal state system. Other wise the crimes are very horendous and there is a lot of killing and kiddnapping too, bush fires are also a problem as this can kill lives and ruin homes also. Although if you stay safe and alarmed you will live a long happy life thank you.
Javan 7a: HEy every one how are you? would " love to live in this country because the weather is very beutifull and jolly.I also would like to lve in this country is because you can get and fined manyt things.Believe it or not i dont think this country has any violence because i have known this place for seven years and so far......I think that it is an Awsome place.When i grow up i certenly would like to live in this beutiful country. Trust me.......I will.
Putri 7a: Hi, i would like to live in this country because it is a highly developed country and it's clean in most of the areas, people there are kind. There are places in Australia, that has a rich beautiful view, and i would want to live in Australia because it is very beautiful, people there are kind and it is clean in Australia.