What is it like to live in Bolivia

ELDERLY citizens / people have been blocking protesting

Elderly people have been blocking the only high-way from La Paz to El Alto. They are demanding a increase in senior citizens renta Dignidad.they have been asking this for 3 years


Chancellor Presses Kidnapping Charges Against Indigenous Women

Bolivian Chancellor David Choquehuanca told the press on Thursday that he is pressing criminal charges against a group of indigenous women who forced him to march with them when he was sent to negotiate with them on September 24 in Yucumo.


Freak Hail Storm Destroys School – Hundreds Left Homeless

hail storm hits 13 villages . 6ocm of hail was left on the floor.
The Cochabamba department said this is emergency that reports of intense flooding, hundreds of homeless families and over 20 hectares of damaged crops


Bolivia dangers and terrorisim
Bolivia seems to be a really safe place

danger of gripe A
danger of dengue fever
you need to have a yellow fever certificate
malaria in tropical places
Homosexuality is not illegal
really bad roads
blockage of good big vehicales

THOUGHTS of living there or not.

I would personnaly not like to live in Bolivia because of lot of the sickness. This
country dose not really look like a well developed country to me. It also looks like
it is pretty poor. Educational wise i don't think it is that high and so that creates over
population. The reason i would like to live there is that it dosn't look like a really dangerous
place talking terrorism wise...

BY Celwyn 7A